Insta360 One: Light Painting Brushes

Hey there!

Matt here in my backyard again.

I want to show you some of the light painting brushes that I use. As I’ve noted before I use a couple of different types of flashlights. These flashlights are between 100 lumens and 350 lumens. It just depends on how bright you need the light and the different settings that you use.

The ones that I’ve used the most to do some of the the fire dragon and fire snake and fire spheres and stuff like that or just these two guys right
here. I think I’ve showed them at least once before. The flashlight goes up inside the tube and when you turn it on the light shines through the paper.

I may have another video at some point it goes through and shows how to make these. They are pretty simple. You can see that it’s a plastic tube with colored construction paper inside of it and a pipe cleaner taped on. They work great!

Another one that I’ve used some that I’ve gotten some success out of, it’s not really anything I made, but I bought this on Amazon it is called el wire. I got it for like 10 or 12 bucks on Amazon. It is but basically a little battery pack that allows you to turn it on and these different colored wires that glow. When you move it around, just kind of bounce it around on your long exposure it gets sort of a smoky fiery kind of effect which is really cool.

My next thing this is basically a larger version of what I did with the the red and orange paper but this is just baking paper/parchment paper that I’ve rolled up and placed up inside of a t12 clear plastic fluorescent bulb protector.  When you put your flashlight up inside of there you can do all kinds of different shapes with it. There are other people that have used this a lot more successfully than I have so check those guys out online. I’m still learning on how to use that.

Another great one is pool noodles. you can get these at Target or Walmart. As we’re getting closer to summer you can pick those up pretty inexpensively. You just have to make sure that the openings will fit your flashlights. They fit perfectly inside of mine. You can do all kinds of different waving around create different shapes and they
work great. I would recommend the skinnier ones. The thicker ones the light doesn’t go through very far. The thinner ones allow more of the light through. The stronger the light you have the the more successful you’re going to have with longer pieces of this. I have found that this length is a pretty good length.

My next one is LED lights on PVC pipe. I’ve just taped it on with some clear tape.  The LED lights are USB powered so I have a
little USB battery pack shoved in the end of the PVC pipe. With that setup I can do all kinds of different colored lights as it is RGB LEDs so it’s got all kinds of different
options for there and I’ve got it set up with a handle right here so you can spin it and get a circular a disc kind of a deal or you can you know wave it around
like this and get different patterns.

Here is one of the first ones that I built. I got some led rope light at my local hardware store and wrapped it around this PVC pipe. The main problem I have with this one is that you have to plug it in and that gets really obnoxious because you’re dragging around a cord and you can get tangled in it.  It works great and is really neat but your kind of
tethered in and that’s no fun.

These were also some of the first ones that I had made. They’re clear tiny white LED lights on a wire that I’ve wrapped around a Home Depot yardstick. They have a battery pack on it so you can turn the lights on and do all kinds of great shapes with these so these are great tools as well.

Ones that I just recently started playing with are these little tiny little LED lights that I got also from Amazon. You can turn it on put it on the end of a string and spin it around and use those for spheres or disks or whatever. So they’re great little things to play with.  They came in four different colors there was a white, red, blue and green so those are fun to make.

This last one is home made. It is made of clear peace of amber colored plastic with the lid of a spray bottle and a toilet paper roll that are all made to fit around a flashlight.  This is the one that I did some fire over here and over in this area. It doesn’t look like much but it’s it really does a neat effect.

So that’s some of the paint brushes that I use that I have made. I hope you enjoyed it bye now.

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