Insta360 One: Light Painting HowTo: Painting the Fire Snake

Hey there!

Matt here in my backyard again.

Sorry it’s a little bit windy. You’ll be hearing some wind and blinds and stuff knocking around we’ve had some storms rolling through. It’s cleared out
right now so I thought I’d shoot a video. What I’d like to do tonight is to show you guys the process that I go through to do one of the light paintings
that I do. I like to call it a fire snake.

It’s one of the simpler fire forms that I do and I thought I would show you the brushes that I use and how I go about doing it. So I use the the orange and the red tubes with pipe cleaners up at the top with my flashlights up inside of them like this. Then what I’ll do is move them in sort of a serpentine flowing kind of feel as I’ll start usually right around here and I roll back and forth around the camera to get that flowing kind of a form. I’ll sometimes go down into the yard sometimes I’ll just trail it off like that .

When I’m done turn off my lights and that’s really about it.

That’s the basic steps. I’ll go through several times to get one that I really like.

That’s the basic shape  or form that are used to build more complex fire forms such as a fire dragon or a fire dog like I’ve done recently.  What that as the basic shame you can  do any number of the the fire shapes.

The basics are the snake. Once you get that down to where you’re pretty comfortable with that you can start adding legs and wings or anything you can imagine. One of the things I’m thinking about trying to figure out how to do is a lion. So I’d have to add a mane.

That’s really all there is to it. I’ll go through and show it again. You have your red in your orange tube so with the pipe turn on the flashlights. Kind of
flow through from a high to a low type position rolling them back and forth to get sort of a serpentine look. Then turn off the lights, end your exposure and that’s all it’ll take.

Usually I do this fire snakes in about a 20 second exposure and most the time I finish before the end of 20 seconds.

I hope you enjoyed this. I hope it helped you out.
I’d love to see you guys use this and show me the fire forms that you do or any other light paintings that you do.

Until my next video… See you around!

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