Insta360 One Light Painting Settings

So now to what I’m sure a lot of you are probably wanting to see and that’s the settings that I use when I do my light painting.

We’re going to go ahead and click on the Insta360 One app we go in through the splash page here click on the camera icon.

I usually connect by bluetooth so that I can have my camera separate from my phone. Then I go into the settings right down here and click on auto. When you go into that you’ll have the manual option right here and then click on ISO.

I usually go down to 100. Then I go to shutter speed and I set my shutter speed I usually put between 20 and 45 seconds depending upon how large the painting is that I’m doing. So when I’m doing some thing like the big fire dragon that I did last night I set that on 45 seconds because it needed a lot more time. I’ve gone up to 60 seconds just for some of the other really long exposures that I’ve posted. Also you will want to have your white balance set to sunny so you have good color.

That’s really all there is to it. I hope that helps you guys out and that you really give it a try yourself get a flashlight, get a get a lightsaber (you may have to ask your kids if you can borrow it).

So just get out there and give it a try that’s part of the fun experiment and see what you can do I’d love to see some of the things that y’all have posted so let me know.

See you around.

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