Insta360 One How to Upload to YouTube


So you have a 360 video that you’ve made in your Insta360 One and you want to upload it to YouTube.

How do you do that?

I’ll go ahead and show you.

Alright so once you have your video captured using your Insta360 One you’ll be in the screen where you’re actually looking at the video. Click on the share icon then click on YouTube.

Once you’ve clicked on share to YouTube you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll have different options. You’ll be able to see a little preview of your video down
there and then once you’ve selected that you can type in your description. Once you’ve entered that then you can select resolution. Different resolution options appear I
chose 4k on this one. Then you click the share button. It will go through and it will compress the video into the format that you selected. Depending on how long your video was
that can take a little while. This was a very short one so it’s only going to take a few seconds.

Once that’s done it’ll give you the option where it says video has been exported to iPhone album please open YouTube and share video from album.
Click on the open YouTube button down at the bottom of the screen and that will take you into your YouTube app on your device. If you look up at the top you’ll see a
little camera icon. Click on that camera icon you’ll be given options for the different videos that you have in your camera album.

Select the video that you want to upload there.
Once you have that you can then click on the next icon up the top right hand side and you can give it a title and description.

Select your privacy options if you want to do location all the different options that you have here and this is going to be how it’s displayed in YouTube so you go ahead and do all your different options there and you go ahead once that’s all done and click on upload.

Again here, depending upon how long your video is, it could take quite a while for it to upload and then do whatever post-processing that YouTube does.

Once the process is done you should be able to see it show up in the videos that you have on your channel it may not have the thumbnail right away it may take a you
know another couple of minutes for that to show up but you should be able to click on it.

There’s your video!

It may also take a little while for the
the full video quality to be included as well.

Hope you found that helpful.

See you around!


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