Light Painting in 360: How to Make the Fire Form Brushes

Hey there!
Matt here in my backyard again.

Last time I showed you how I did the fire snake with these two brushes that I’ve made. I had mentioned that I was probably going to come back and show you how to make them.  That’s what I’m gonna do in this video.

I’m going to show you how to make these guys.  Alright so first of all let’s go over all of the things that you’ll need to be able to make the orange and the red fire brushes.

What you’ll need is this:

An 8 foot t12 fluorescent bulb protector tube clear tube guard
(I got this at my local hardware store you could probably find them at Home Depot Lowe’s or some place that sells fluorescent light bulbs they have them in these 8 foot sections as well as four foot sections they also have ones that are skinnier than this as well but these are the ones that I found work well with the light with the flashlights that I use.)

Colored paper I have orange and red construction paper works best for the the fire forms that I do

A red sparkly pipe cleaner

An orange non-sparkling pipe clear

A Sharpie

A cutting tool an x-acto knife or a box cutter will work

Some regular scissors for cutting the paper

Some tape for taping everything together

I already had pretty much all of this, except for the t12 tube protector because my wife says my wife is an artist and an art teacher.  So we have this stuff sitting around our house pretty much all the time.  Which is awesome by the way!

What you’ll need to do is you’ll take your T12 tube protector and mark out the length that you want. I found that about 14 inches works well for me. It’s not too long. It seems to be just the right length. So mark 14 inches and then you take your box cutter or x-acto knife and gently and carefully press into it and cut it all the way around.  You may have to go through it a couple of times to get it to cut.  You will want to make sure that you cut away from yourself so that you don’t take a chance of cutting yourself.  That’s no fun!

Once you get it cut you’ll end up with a 14 inch clear plastic tube.

Then what you can do is you take your colored paper, this is just regular 8 by 10 size paper. You’ll kind of wrap it around the tube so you can get your circumference right.  Once you get that you’ll take your scissors cut the paper.

Then you can roll it up a little bit and slide it inside of the tube. Press it all the way up to the top. That’s really all there is to that part.

Then what you’re going to do is take your pipe cleaner. One of the things that the pipe cleaner does really well is the light shines through the top and it illuminates it. It give the flickering effect that helps sell that it’s fire.

Tape your pipe cleaner on just enough to hold it on.  Once you have it in place you can kind of bend it and form it to where it’s going to stand in the light.  I’ve put a little bit of extra, matte finished scotch tape over the end of the tube to diffuse the light from the flashlight. Make sure theres enough light to come through to illuminate the pipe cleaner but not so much that it’s gonna blow out really badly if the end points towards the lens of the camera. Or it’s also not going to shine as much light if it points down towards the ground or a wall or something like that.

So really that’s all there is to it!

You cut your t12 fluorescent light bulb protector tube to the link that you like. About 14 inches works, then you take your colored paper (and you can if you want to do different colors that’s great I have blue and green and yellow as well) and you cut it to the right length. Then place it up inside your tube.  If you have overlap what I found that works the best is that you try to make sure that your overlap is in the same place where your pipe cleaner is and then you try to keep the non overlap side facing towards the camera as much as you can.

I appreciate y’all coming by and watching the video and I’d appreciate it if you liked and subscribed and tell anybody else that you know that’s interested in light painting or 360.

I’d love to see any work that y’all do.

Until then see you around!


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