Light Painting In 360: Light Sphere Brushes

Hey there, Matt here!

I’m going to show you how to do a couple more brushes. I used them to do multi-layered light spheres. It’s pretty cool! I was really jazzed when I figured out how to do this and it’s so simple!

All you need to make these are:

  1. Pair scissors
  2. Some string or twine
  3. Lights. I got these on Amazon. There’s red, green, white and blue. They were fairly inexpensive. I got a pack of 40 like this for less than dollars. They took a little while to come from China. But I’m sure you can probably find them in the States or where ever you happen to be. Here is a link to where I got these

It’s really simple. It is basically just a length of twine and you tie your lights on at different intervals and you get different effects when you spin them. When I take this one and I spin it Standing still I  get a disc of lights, but then when you turn it in 360 degrees you end up with a sphere.

So let’s go ahead and get into making It. So you get your lights, these lights are handy because they come with these little rubber bands. They’re actually made for like putting on your fingers. I tried doing some paintings with them on my fingers and it was okay but I have found that tying them on to some string. It allows me to do the spheres which I like better.

You need to figure out how much string will be needed to leaving enough space on the string so that the lights can be tied on, keeping in mind how long it’s going to be between holding it you know right about mid level as It’s spinning because you don’t want it to hit the ground. That would really ruin things. So you work out the length that works cut it off. Then take the light tie it on at one end of the string. Now that is the simplest form. With that you can make a single layer sphere. Just spin it around. Depending upon how heavy your lights are and how windy it is you may need to add some weight to the end because these can be kind of light. If you get some wind it’s gonna kind of blow it around and make it look not quite as good.

Once you get the first one on you just decide how far up you want to go. Then you get your next light out place it on the string as well and tie it off. Sometimes a single tie off will work. I like to do at least two. That way you can make sure it doesn’t go flying off.

So two are placed now and if I wanted to place the a third on here as well just it placed where you want. Now you can do a three layered sphere.

Now by spinning it around and rotating in 360 degrees as you spin the light you can make spheres.

Like I said this one’s pretty simple. Just tying lights on a string and you can do disks, you can do spheres.  Or you can do what I’ve called spin outs where you spin the light around and when you get it spinning good, you pull the string out and it decreases the circle as it’s going towards the camera. You can get some neat effects that way as well.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. I appreciate it if you like and subscribe to these tell other folks about this if you’ve enjoyed it. I would love to see any light painting that y’all have done. If I have been able to inspire you or show you how to do something that you didn’t know how to do before I’d love to be able to see the work that you’ve produced.

Until my next video, I’ll see you around.

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